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A charming love story set in Northern Canada is being brought to life in Edmonton this month and they’re doing it in 3D.


Production company 12pt media is shooting 40 Below and Falling in and around the city with 3D cameras — a first for a romantic-comedy.


The film stars Jewel Staite, who previously appeared in Firefly and stars in the drama series The Killing. Her co-star is Canadian actor Shawn Roberts from Resident Evil, Edge of Darkness and X-Men.


Jewel plays a teacher leaving a northern Alberta town who finds herself stuck in a snowstorm and has to hitch a ride with Robert’s character on a snowmobile.


Andrew Scholotiuk, one of the film’s producers, said they have been excited to make the film for a while, and wanted to try something unique.


“This was a project that really stood out and we thought it could be a great twist on a genre,” he said.


While it might seem like a gimmick, Scholotiuk said shooting the film in 3D is about exploring the technology’s artistic possibilities.


“We felt that we wanted to use it as an artistic tool,” he said. “We find that like all technical elements of a film, you shouldn’t be aware of it.”


Director Dylan Pearce said new technology in film is always used in extreme ways at first.


“People forget that when sound came out or colour came out it was viewed as just a gimmick,” he said.


Scholotiuk said the first colour movies screamed the technology at the audience.


“If you look at something like the Wizard of Oz, it’s super saturated colours they really want to get every inch of saturation you could,” he said.


Scholotiuk said the film is partnering with NAIT to use some of the institutes theatre space and offering opportunities to grads to work on the film.


He said the entire community has really supported the production.


“We’re only able to happen because we have passion and commitment and people who are incredibly committed to the cause.”


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  • The film has been licensed to appear in several markets overseas and will appear on the Super Channel in the fall.


Written by: Ryan Tumilty


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